Saturday, September 19, 2009

Van Morrison - Documentary Film on the Horizon‏

by Brent Warnken

Van Morrison can hardly be called a stealer of the media spotlight. The musician has been notoriously shy of press coverage over the years, perhaps until now. Morrison is set to release a documentary film charting his experience of reviving his Astral Weeks album. The title of the work is To Be Born Again and fans will be able to view it starting early next year.

Morrison has already been performing the album in its complete entirety during a series of concerts, many of which have been held in the U.S. The movie will show Morrison as he rehearses for the tour and will also feature interviews and live performances. To see the Morrison live onstage, be sure to go online and purchase your own pair of Van Morrison tickets as soon as possible.

Van Morrison has reigned in the sounds of R&B, jazz, blues and even Celtic folk to become one of the music industry's must popular creative inventors. The singer-songwriter has spun tales through his harmonic tunes that invoke mystic images and heartfelt emotions within his listeners.

Morrison got his start in the industry by forming his own musical ensemble Them, which concentrated on a fiery and gritty resurgence of folk-rock tunes. They recorded their debut single, "Don't Start Crying Now" in late 1964. It was only two years later that Morrison, determined to forge a solo career in music left Them and set out on his own.

In 1967, he released what can probably be described as his most familiar hit, "Brown-Eyed Girl," which went to capture the Top Ten on the charts. The resulting album called Blowin' Your Mind, however failed to grab the attention of fans and critics.

When Morrison switched over to Warner Brothers and released Astral Weeks in 1968, he found a much greater outpouring of support. Haunting and deeply personal, this collection of folk-styled ballads struck the hearts of listeners. It contains eight tracks: "Astral Weeks," "Beside You," "Sweet Thing," "Cyprus Avenue," "The Way Young Lovers Do," "Madame George," "Ballerina" and "Slim Slow Slider." Critics raved, fans praised and everyone seemed to fall in love with the unique display of post-war pop tunes.

A follow up to Astral Weeks was Moondance, which was hailed as just as brilliant, but still didn't quite capture the attention as Morrison's previous effort. The tracks included: "And It Stoned Me," "Moondance," "Crazy Love," "Caravan," "Into the Music," "Everyone" and "Glad Tidings." One thing became certain with Moondance, Morrison was a master of producing eternally beautiful and graceful songs that were meant to truly last a lifetime.

Since his early days on the scene, Morrison has remained a constant presence in the industry and has put forth a vast array of records since the issuing of Astral Weeks. Step back into the poetic past as you relive the days of Astral Weeks by checking out the upcoming documentary, which will, in all likelihood, help give even more insight into the quiet life of Van Morrison.

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