Saturday, October 3, 2009

Abbey Road - The Beatles Best Sounding Album Sounds Even Better in Remastered Stereo

By Jackson Weinheimer

The Beatles Final Album

While Let It Be was the last studio album the band released, the last album the band recorded was actually Abbey Road. I won't get into why, as most Beatles fans already know and if you don't you can easily look it up and find out!

What's remarkable to me is that today Abbey Road is The Beatles biggest selling album. How many bands go out on a peak like that? How many bands end their career with their most popular album (and in the Beatles case, that is certainly an awesome feat considering the competition of their other albums!).

Most Modern Sounding Album

I've always thought that Abbey Road was their most "modern" sounding album as it was recorded on a new mixing board what was, at the time, a big move forward technologically from what they had been using. That's why the album has a certain "clean" sound to it that differentiates it from their more "warm" earlier albums.

I also think that since the band was focused entirely on the stereo mixes now (since mono was officially dead at this point, Abbey Road was never mixed in mono) the album has much better stereo mixes than their earlier albums which were often really haphazard by modern standards (vocals on one side, drums on the other!).

Remastered (The Beatles In Stereo Box Set)

Like all of The Beatles other albums, Abbey Road is included in newly remastered format as a part of The Beatles In Stereo Box Set. While I always thought this was probably their best sounding album anyway, it's impressive how much better it sounds with it's new remastering.

The bass is deeper. The drums are clearer. The vocals are more "separated" (so that you can hear each individual vocal in the harmonies more easily).

Certainly anyone that loves this album (and of course, The Beatles in general) should buy the new Stereo Box Set (when they can find it in stock somewhere!) because it's a truly remarkable improvement in sound quality. Abbey Road has never sounded this good before.

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Abbey Road: John Vs. Paul - A comparison of who contributed what to The Beatles biggest selling album (in the United States, Sgt. Pepper is the biggest seller in the UK).

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