Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Beatles in Stereo Box Set

By Jackson Weinheimer

Every Song The Beatles Released From 1962 Through 1970

My second favorite thing about The Beatles In Stereo Box Set is that it's really a "one stop" way of building a comprehensive Beatles collection as it includes every single song that The Beates recorded and released from 1962 (when they released their debut single, "Love Me Do," and album, Please Please Me) and 1970 (when they released Let It Be).

It includes all 13 official Beatles studio album (which means the original 12 UK LPs along with the American version of Magical Mystery Tour which was released in the UK in 1976 and has since become a part of their "official" catalog). And it also includes the "Past Masters" double CD compilation which features all of their songs that were released in other ways (on singles or EPs) which were never a part of any of those 13 albums.

Superior Remastered Stereo Sound

If it's "completeness" is my second favorite thing about this box set, what's my favorite thing? That's easy; the way it sounds.

The remastering job done on these CDs is fantastic. Compared to the old CDs, they sound clearer and more "warm." They allow for more definition in the music yet they also sound more "organic." This is because the old Beatles CDs (first released in 1987) were mastered with what is today archaic digital technology. The technology has improved significantly since then and allows for a better transfer of the original analog tapes to CD (these new CDs were remastered from the original analog tapes).

The Beatles In Mono Box Set

What about The Beatles other box set? The Beatles In Mono Box Set? I think it's awesome too. It's great to be able to hear the original mono mixes of these songs as the band originally intended them to be heard! And in quite a few cases the mono mixes are clearly superior to the stereo mixes. I definitely recommend both box sets to every serious Beatles fan.

The Beatles In Stereo Box. Buy it online 24/7/365.

The Beatles In Mono Box. Learn more about the mono mixes and why they are essential listening!

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