Saturday, October 3, 2009

The "King of Soul" - Otis Redding

By Shawna S. Ruppert

Although his life was extremely short, Otis Redding is incredibly important in the history of Soul and Rock and Roll, as he was one of the key figures that managed to successfully blend elements of many different musical genres into the new sounds that would define future generations. Any Otis Redding quiz would start by asking about his nickname. He is often referred to as the "King of Soul" which fully encompasses just how important his brief contribution to the music industry was.

One part of Otis Redding trivia is that his biggest hit was released actually a month after his death, something which is actually quite common, especially among singers and artists who die young in their career. That hit was (Sittin on) The Dock of the Bay, and was easily his largest commercial success, although the importance of Redding to the musical movements of the time as a whole go far beyond one commercially successful single. Redding took the influences he was given, including artists like Little Richard and Sam Cooke, and turned it into something new, and something different which would give birth to hundreds of musical artists that would follow him.

One of the things which set Otis Redding apart from many of his contemporaries is an important Otis Redding quiz point to learn, and this is the fact that he wrote much of his own music. Many of the touring musicians who were popular at the time would rely on playing tested material penned by proven song writers, and while Redding would certainly play those songs as well, he was also extremely passionate about writing his own songs.

Otis Redding trivia must usually unfortunately include the facts of his untimely death. He had been playing in Cleveland with his band, and after leaving the show the plane he was aboard crashed into Lake Monona, Madison WI. Redding, the pilot, four members of his back up band and his manager all died in the crash, and only one person aboard the plane would survive the crash - Ben Cauley who had been a member of the Bar Kays, Otis Redding's backup band.

Redding continues to be recognized since his death as an important figure in music, including receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Grammy's, being honoured by the Songwriters and Rock and Roll hall of fame, and by Rolling Stone magazine as one of their hundred greatest artists of all time.

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