Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blues Guitar Lessons - Play the Blues Like Clapton

By John Tuggle

Today I want to give you a few tips on how to play the blues guitar like Eric Clapton. He is often cited as one of the world's most known blues guitarists of this generation. He has played with all the greats and been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame 3 times.

These three things will get your playing more close to this blues guitar master.

  1. Using triplets in your playing - This is where you count 3 notes per beat, and is often played over a 6/8 time signature, but 4/4 will work as well. Eric uses triplets all the time and you should too to sound more like ol' Slowhand.
  2. Develop a strong vibrato - Vibrato is one of the most recognizable traits of a guitarist. You can usually tell how skilled a player is by the sound of his vibrato. If your vibrato is very uneven and shaky sounding, then you will have a hard time sounding like Clapton. His vibrato is very relaxed and natural. You will have to develop this to sound like the blues Master.
  3. Don't overplay - A sign of a mature blues guitar player is the ability of restraint. You don't have to always play fast, and loud to play the blues. Often times it will be better to play some simple phrases to build up the drama of your playing.
This is just the start of learning to play the blues like Clapton. You will also need to learn scales, and how to use them, and also how to present the feeling of the blues in your guitar playing.

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I've taught thousands of students of the past 15 years and I want to help you achieve that Eric Clapton sound.

John W. Tuggle

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  1. To play a blues guitar you must have a good handle on all the basic cords. You must also understand and be comfortable with reading and using tablature or musical notation.