Saturday, October 17, 2009

OPINION: 5 Great Rock and Roll Bands

By Felicia Cranston

Here are five of my favorite rock and roll bands.

The Grateful Dead - Known for their fans called "Dead Heads," this band took it's grass roots upbringing and put out a ton of hits during an era where hippies loved listening to their music.

Pink Floyd - At times, they came off a little weird. They took chances, and for the most part succeeded in doing that. They were the most successful experimental band of all-time. One of their main highlights, "Dark Side of the Moon," solidifying their spot on the chart.

The Velvet Underground - Who? Yes, I am serious with this. Although not having commercial success, they were decades before their time and inspired countless people to start a band themselves. Their lack of success in sales made them a cult classic.

Eagles - A great band who had a lot of success for a long time. They, along with The Grateful Dead, were able to give rock and roll and country, a folk edge to it. Hotel California and Desperado remain two of the most successful classic rock songs of all-time, still receiving great airplay daily.

The Doors - Almost the opposite of The Eagles, this band didn't last that long but made a lasting impression on the world. Their 6 years as a true band (leader Jim Morrison died in 1971) allowed them to show off their originality and inspire countless others.

So there you have it. These are easily five of my favorite rock and roll bands of all-time.

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