Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beatles Box Sets - Remastered

By Ted J Brown

Beatles fans rejoice! Remastered Beatles CD's are here.

If you have previously owned a remastered Beatles CD, you probably had the "first generation" technology that was done back in the 80s. This early technology was good at the time, but junk compared to the digital remastering that can be accomplished today. Just as the rest of technology has improved over the last 25 years, so too has remastering technology.

If you love the Beatles, you are going to love this box set. All thirteen original UK albums have been remastered. Also, as a bonus, the "Past Masters" collection is also being remastered. If you remember, the past masters is a compilation of Beatles songs recorded in the 1960s but not included on any of their studio albums. Songs such as "Hey Jude" and a spicier version of "Revolution" which can be found as a single but not part of an album.

Two types of Box sets

If you are a Beatles purest, you may want to choose the "Mono" version of the box set which is a collection of the 10 albums recorded in mono. This set also included the "past masters" mono version as well. If you want to hear Beatles music with all of the best remastering and balancing today's technology can create, then you should definitely choose the stereo box set. You will get all thirteen albums, digitally remastered, as well as the past masters, and other bonus material such as a DVD documentary about the making of each album. A must have for true Beatles fans.

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