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The Beatles First Single - "Love Me Do" - "PS I Love You" Released in the UK on October 5, 1962

By Jackson Weinheimer

Looking back at "Love Me Do" today it may be hard to understand what it was about this song that excited so many people in the UK back in 1962. I think in order to really understand it you have to know what kind of music was popular at that time and how much different "Love Me Do" sounded. While it wasn't a really great song, it did have a certain charisma, a certain "rock n roll" attitude that set it apart.

I think the best way to understand this it to listen to "How Do You Do It?" which is the song that their producer George Martin wanted them to release as a single. This wasn't one of their originals (like "Love Me Do" was), it was a "professionally written" song and while it is actually catchier than "Love Me Do" (and did hit #1 for three weeks when Gerry and the Pacemakers released their version of it in 1963) it also has none of the excitement that The Beatles original does.

A-Side "Love Me Do"

A very simple song based around three chords. Actually it's mostly based on two chords with the 3rd one coming in as a big "surprise" on the bridge. But simple doesn't necessarily mean bad. It has a pretty catchy melody and the simple 4 note riff on the harmonica by John Lennon manages to wedge itself into the memory of the listener as well.

B-Side "PS I Love You"

While not nearly as memorable as "Love Me Do," this song does actually have quite a bit more musical complexity to it and in some ways foreshadows much of The Beatles later work (in subtle ways). I think what's most remarkable about it is how much different it sounds than the A-Side. It's a totally different style. This is the first sign of one of The Beatles main trademarks: Variety.

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