Sunday, August 23, 2009

Led Zeppelin's Artwork Gets Better With Time

By Geoffrey Levene

Led Zeppelin's music has impacted today's music world from all genres from bluegrass to hip-hop. The 70's rock star life style of excess caught up with the band and took the life of drummer John Bonham in 1980, years before VH1 was a concept and decades before their Behind the Music program. The band is noted for its musical influence that has recently sparked new tours and re-mastered songs. The artwork of their shirts, albums and posters captures another important aspect of what the band left behind, wonder.

Led Zeppelin's CDs and mp3s do not capture the true feel of the music because the album art work was interactive and helped to tune the listener's mind before the needle hit the record. Led Zeppelin III had an album cover that was engaging and is completely lost in translation to a CD sleeve. You had to spin the wheel and see the image shift before taking the record out of the sleeve. And it was great to keep spinning the wheel of the album cover while the LP circled the turntable. Physical Graffiti and The Song Remains the Same came with highly stylized album covers too.

Wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt is a fashion trend that will go in and out of style for years to come. Even today a 35 year old may look at a 15 year old in a Led Zeppelin Swan shirt and wonder how they can connect to the band as a 50 year old looks at a 35 year old wondering the same. I can't wait for the day to see a 90 year old man with a Led Zeppelin poster on his wall with a son jamming to a Houses of the Holy CD and a baby in a Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

I just think that there is something cool about the band that will not go away. Robert Plant with his long rock style hair and bell bottom jeans. Jimmy Page with his outrageous outfits and double necked guitar. The Song Remains the Same video was a flop when it came out but somehow manages to get better with every passing year. I do not see how a day will come where the riff from Black Dog does not grab everyone by the balls.

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