Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Beatles Remastered CDs - Why They're a Must Buy For Every True Beatles Fan

By Johnny Moon

Already Own All Of The Beatles Albums On CD?

If you're like me then you already own every single Beatles album on CD. And if you're like how I used to be you may be somewhat suspicious of the idea of buying all of The Beatles albums on CD again because they are remastered. But once I learned more about the remastering process and what's available in the new Beatles box sets I became convinced that these new CDs were a "must buy" for me (and for all other serious fans of the band).

The Mono Box Set

Did you know that most of The Beatles albums were originally mixed in mono in the 1960s? To give some context to the situation you have to understand that mono mixes were the "standard" at that time so The Beatles spent much more time on perfecting their mono mixes than they did on working on their stereo mixes.

Now with the release of the remastered Mono Box Set The Beatles albums are going to be released in their original mono for the very first time. I think the interest in finally hearing The Beatles as they were originally intended to be heard on CD should be obvious.

The Remastered Stereo CDs

Unlike the mono mixes (which are only available as a part of the mono box set) the new remastered stereo CDs are available both as a part of a box set (the stereo box set) and individually. In fact these will be the "new standard" for Beatles albums.

So why should you care about stereo CD mixes when you already own them? Well these are remastered and having read a lot about the remastering process for these CDs they should sound incredible. You will be able to hear new details in the music that you've never heard before.

Another thing to consider is that, like I said, these will be the new "standard" Beatles albums so you don't want to be left out not knowing what other people are talking about.

Top Selling Remastered Beatles Albums.

Hear The Beatles Remastered. Streaming clips of the Beatles remastered songs are available online.

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