Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Beatles Remastered CDs - What's the Big Deal?

By Johnny Moon

The 1987 Beatles CDs Are Notorious For Their Mastering

What a lot of people who have grown up listening to The Beatles on CD do not realize is just how bad those CDs sound compared to what they could sound like. When The Beatles music was digitally mastered for CD in 1987, the technology was still quite new. For example they only used 16 bit technology to do the mastering which leads to a "thinner" more "digital" sounding result.

24 Bit / 192 kHz Mastering

The new remastered Beatles CDs were mastered using 24 bit, 192 kHz mastering technology which is a huge upgrade from what was used on the 1987 CDs. In practical terms this means more of the original sound from the master tapes is captured with these new CDs so they have a "warmer," "fatter," and more detailed sound.

The Beatles Mono Box Set

What should be of particular interest to many Beatles fans is the Beatles Mono Box Set because this is the first time that the original mono mixes of The Beatles albums are being released on CD and the mono mixes in this set are not available for individual purchase but only as a part of this box set.

Those audio "purists" out there (who I imagine are among the biggest target markets for this mono box set) will be very happy to learn that no limiting was used on the mastering of the CDs in the mono mix box set. This means that the original sound from the master tapes should be captured very faithfully and that there should be no issue with lost dynamics.

Hear The Beatles Remastered.

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