Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eric Clapton - Together Again with Steve Winwood

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood recently completed a joint tour of the U.S. that knocked the socks off just about every fan that attended any of the shows. Eric Clapton tickets were all the rage as word spread about the performance that Clapton and Winwood were putting on on a nightly basis.

The tour began in New Jersey and made its way all the way to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. WheresEric website allows fans to post reviews of Eric Clapton shows that they attend. Several reviews brought up some really good points about the artists, the tour and more.

The first thing that hit me was that Clapton is 64 years old, 64! That does not sound like an appropriate age to be traveling the country rocking out on a nightly basis, but he pulls it off, and with vigor. Reviews poured in praising Slowhand's energy and skill, despite his age.

"The last time I saw Eric was the From the Cradle tour and clearly, Eric has lost nothing in the past 15 years," wrote a fan in Texas. "In fact, Eric and Steve are aging like fine wine, getting better and better." A tour takes a lot of out an artist, between the traveling and the performing, and it's extremely impressive to see Clapton still revving things up at 64 years of age.

Clapton is 64, which means many of his fans are in that same age bracket as well, but Clapton has also captured the attention of young listeners as well. He's proven that his music transcends any generational barriers and it appears to all audiences. "The crowd was very eclectic, three generations of people all coming together to see a couple of real legends," wrote a fan in Dallas.

"I was initially taken aback by this observation and then it dawned on me that I am no spring chicken at 53, and feeling every one of those years after a lifetime at sea," another fan wrote. "Moreover, if one considers that many of the original fans of Cream and Blind Faith were in their mid- to late-thirties back in the 60s, when I too first became aware of Eric and Steve, then the fact that they are septuagenarians or even octogenarians now shouldn't have surprised me."

The duo seemed to get stronger as the tour went on, capping things off with a heck a show at the Hollywood Bowl. "It's all been written and said about 'Clapton is God;' I think a more accurate take would be to say that his gift is from whatever any of us would call God, a gift that transcends rock shows, no matter how great the artists," wrote a fan that attended the show. "When E.C. takes off on that guitar, he's tapping into a source that every artist on the planet would love to have. Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Mozart - I think this is the realm that E.C. inhabits."

It's clear that Clapton is still at the top of his game, and the next time that Eric Clapton tickets roll around, you'd be smart to pick some up.

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