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The Beatles Worst Albums - Yellow Submarine & With the Beatles

By Jackson Weinheimer

The Beatles two worst albums are 1969's Yellow Submarine & 1963's With The Beatles. These short reviews of these two less than stellar records should explain why.

Yellow Submarine is not really much of a Beatles "album" because when it was released in 1969 (coinciding with the release of the new cartoon movie that shares the same name) it included only four new Beatles songs. That's not even enough for an EP, much less an LP!

The "album" was padded out with two previously released songs ("All You Need Is Love" & "Yellow Submarine") and a bunch of George Martin's soundtrack instrumentals which can hardly be called Beatles songs.

The four new songs included two really good songs ("It's All Too Much" & "Hey Bulldog!") which I think are actually two of The Beatles most underrated songs because they have been stuck in the relative obscurity (by Beatles standards) of this lame album that even the biggest Beatles fans rarely listen to.

The other two new songs were "All Together Now" & "Only a Northern Song" which are definitely not among the band's best work.

With The Beatles was The Beatles second album and it lacks the energy of their debut Please Please Me and lacks the great songs of all of their albums that came after it.

Does that mean I'm saying it had no good songs? No, of course not. It did have the hit single "All My Loving" and the decent lead track "It Won't Be Long." But the pickings are rather slim after those two.

"All I've Got to Do" & "Hold Me Tight" do have their "early Beatles" charms but I don't think they are quite as good as the original songs on Beatles For Sale (which is underrated.)

What really hurts this album are the covers. They're pretty excruciatingly boring in my view. Although I must admit to kind of enjoying "Till There Was You."

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