Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why I'm Buying The Beatles Mono & Stereo Remastered CD Box Sets‏

by Jake Topp

Some Beatles fans may be thinking that it doesn't make any sense to buy the new remastered Beatles CDs since they already own all of The Beatles albums on CD. I can understand that point of view but I definitely don't agree with it (as someone who has already pre-ordered both of The Beatles box sets).

In this article I will explain why these new remastered CDs are essential purchases for Beatles fans even if those fans already own all of their albums on compact disc.

The Mono Box Set includes The Beatles first 10 UK studio albums in their original mono. This is very significant because these original mono mixes have never been released on CD before! For those of us who want to hear The Beatles as they were originally heard in the 1960s this is a very big deal. Many of us younger Beatles fans who have grown to love the band from the CD versions of the albums have never heard these mono mixes.

It's important to understand that these mono mixes were what The Beatles spent most of their time perfecting while the stereo mixes were basically "thrown together" after many hours were spent perfecting the mono mix. All of The Beatles albums up through The White Album were mixed in mono and those original mono mixes are included in the Beatles Mono Box Set (these mono mixes are not included on separate CDs, only as a part of this set).

So to me it's pretty obvious why the mono mixes are of interest to any true Beatles fans. It's The Beatles as they were originally intended to be heard. And it's not just a matter of historical accuracy. Many people have claimed that the mono mixes of certain Beatles albums are actually much better than the stereo mixes (which makes sense because stereo mixing was in it's infancy in the 1960s and they spent much more time on the mono mixes). Among those that have said that? John Lennon!

But what about the remastered stereo CDs? Don't we already have all of The Beatles albums in stereo on CD? Yes. But these are remastered. What does that mean? It should mean more clarity and finer detail. If you are someone who really wants to hear every nuance of The Beatles mix then these new remastered CDs are essential. Plus, these CDs will be the new standard for The Beatles catalog so don't you want to know what everyone else is hearing?

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