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The Beatles in 1966 - John Lennon's Best Songs of 1966 Including "Tomorrow Never Knows"

By Jackson Weinheimer

1966 was a groundbreaking year for The Beatles as they began to experiment in the studio more than ever before. What resulted was the remarkable album Revolver and some wonderful non album tracks. Many of the best of these songs were written by John Lennon. What follows are the best of the Lennon penned Beatles songs that were recorded in 1966.

"Tomorrow Never Knows" - While Lennon deserves most of the credit for this incredible track (as it was mostly his song). Paul McCartney also deserves credit for the "tape loop" idea which helped give the song it's otherwordly sound. The song also featured sitars and a tambura which also helped to give the song a unique sound. The credit for bringing those Indian instruments into the mix of course goes to George Harrison. This was also some of Ringo's most distinctive drumming.

So yes, it was John's song, but it's actually a great example of how important all of The Beatles were to their music.

"Rain" - The B-Side to the "Paperback Writer" single, "Rain" was the first pop song released which included a backwards recording (the vocals at the end of the song). But it's remarkable for more than just that. It features some of Paul's best bass playing and Ringo's best drumming. Plus the lyrics are very interesting and sung with one of John's most convincing vocals.

"And Your Bird Can Sing" - What a great infectious song this is. And the guitar riff that opens the song is awesome, one of The Beatles best moments (and obviously that's saying a lot).

"Strawberry Fields Forever" - One of The Beatles greatest songs and half of what has to be the best rock single of all time "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" which was released in the US on February 13, 1967 and in the UK on February 17, 1967.

The song was recorded over many sessions in both November and December of 1966. I won't elaborate further as this song is really worthy of it's whole own article. In fact I may write an article that goes in depth into this song.

Beatles Mono Box Set Features - The "Mono Box Set" includes 1966's Revolver in it's original mono mix for the first time on CD.

The Beatles Revolver Review.

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