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The Beatles in 1965 - Paul McCartney's Best Songs of '65 Including "Yesterday" & "Michelle"

By Jackson Weinheimer

The following songs are the best of those which were written mainly by Paul McCartney and were recorded by The Beatles in 1965 (for singles and for their albums Help! and Rubber Soul).

"I've Just Seen A Face" - One of my favorites on Help! This is a good example of the Beatles being able to do all kinds of different styles well. While I usually don't like their more "country & western" style recordings, this one has more of a "bluegrass" feel to it that really works. Sure it could be called a "slight" song but it's so damn catchy and fun that it's hard not to love.

"Yesterday" - One of the most famous songs in history of pop music. It's been covered more times than any other song. While it's most memorable for it's remarkable melody, it should also be noted that it's acoustic guitar + string quartet arrangement was groundbreakingly original in 1965.

"Drive My Car" - I've always thought this was a somewhat unusual opener for Rubber Soul. In a way I think it works better as a song on it's own than as the opener for that album since it doesn't fit very well with the rest of it. But it is a great song. Catchy as all hell and filled with many interesting elements.

"We Can Work It Out" - This is actually a great example of the kind of collaborations McCartney & Lennon were doing at this point. McCartney wrote the verse (the main part of the song) and Lennon wrote the bridge ("there's no time for fussing...") part.

"I'm Looking Through You" - Another very catchy McCartney classic. I enjoy listening to the version on the Anthology 2 set as it's quite a bit different than the Rubber Soul version.

"Michelle" - Another example of the kind of collaboration McCartney & Lennon were doing at this time. Lennon who came up with the bridge part ("I love you, I love you, I love you"). Although not released as a single by The Beatles, a cover version went to #1 in the UK in 1966 by a group called The Overlanders.

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